The next era of data

We envision a world where external data is readily available to anyone in any industry. A world where public data is instantly accessible.

Why can't accessing external data be as easy as searching on Google?

When we look at the current web data gathering landscape, we see an urgent and painful problem that affects every business. Web scraping requires pipelines that are hard to build and maintain, break frequently, and are prohibitively expensive for most companies. We’ve collected an expert team committed to building novel technology from the ground up that will empower everyone to gather web data, effortlessly.

Meet our experts

With a background in the IDF’s Intelligence and cybersecurity unit, Uri has unique insights into the key pains and challenges surrounding web data collection, and founded Nimble to overcome these challenges.

Uri Knorovich

Co-Founder and CEO


Menachem has an extensive track record of leading and driving growth in the high-tech industry, and uses his skills and experience to create efficient, hyper-growth environments for customers and employees.

Menachem Salinas

Co-Founder and CRO


As a former engineer and team leader in the Israeli Defense Forces, Yuval spearheaded the IDF’s development of a private military cloud platform, and went on to work at leading cybersecurity firms before joining Nimble.

Yuval Shalev



Having operated internationally for years, Tsahie has years of experience and well-honed skills in sales, lead generation, and market development, as well as a strong background in web data technologies.

Tsahie Lavi

VP Sales & Business Development


Eyal has worked in Business Development and Sales & Marketing of cutting-edge technology companies around the US for years, and brings a wealth of experience scaling companies and penetrating new markets.

Eyal Hillman

VP Sales of North America


In both the Israeli Defense Forces and the private market, Alon has led software engineering teams to success throughout the development cycle, and brings strong leadership and technological capabilities to Nimble’s Engineering department.

Alon Bar-Tzlil

Director of Engineering


A talented product manager with over 17 years of experience, Shahar brings a wealth of knowledge and visionary leadership to Nimble, and perfectly blends the worlds of product management and technological innovation.

Shahar Ohad

Director of Product


With over 10 years of experience in senior R&D roles in both military and private sector applications, Ori is a uniquely valuable resource, and uses his bleeding-edge knowledge and creativity to push Nimble ahead of the pack.

Ori Hamama

Head Of Research


Our team is guided by core values
that lead us on our journey.

We chose to share a few of them with you.


Simplicity is one of the core traits we strive to implement in all of our products. Although challenging to create, we believe the power, reliability, and speed of simple solutions always wins out.



At Nimble, we believe our products speak for themselves, and tell a story of superior performance on every metric. We pride ourselves on having assembled an incredible team of brilliant minds, who are masters in their domains and strive for the highest standards possible.



Although everyone makes mistakes from time to time, learning from those mistakes is what differentiates those who grow from those who don't. Accountability is an essential first step toward learning and growth, and one we embrace openly on our journey to create the best products possible!



(nim-ble) noun.
  1. Efficient (we don’t waste energy on unnecessary distractions)
  2. Smart and thorough
  3. Committed and uncompromising
  4. Driven to innovate.
  5. Effortless.
Gathering external web data used to be everything but nimble.

Start gathering data with ease.