Nimble Analytics & Management

Clear and actionable
visibility into your activity

Nimble empowers you with powerful tools to track, analyze,
and optimize your data operations.

Granular Budget Control
Detailed Reports
Advanced Analytics
Custom Alerts
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Web scraping with proxies can be unpredictable

Businesses face many challenges
when collecting web data.

Web scraping projects are often complex with many moving parts distributed over many systems, making usage and spending hard to track. Furthermore, unintentional spikes or bugs can take up huge amounts of resources unintentionally.

No usage monitoring or visibility
Fluctuating data volumes
Unexpected usage spikes

Introducing Nimble Pipelines

No more zones, no more sub-users. Every request to Nimble IP flows through a pipeline, empowering you to:

  • Categorize your activity
    Use pipelines to distinguish between business uses, such as clients, data sources, use cases, or any other criteria that makes sense for your business.
  • Control spending
    Each pipeline has its own budget cap, so you can set higher budget caps (or no cap) on critical applications while setting more restrictive caps on others.
  • Save time and reduce errors
    Set default configurations on each pipeline to ensure consistent behavior across all child requests from a centralized source.

Nimble Analytics Hub

Detailed reports
for the whole team

Drill down into your data and understand how your data
collection evolves over time with custom, detailed reporting.

  • MoM, YoY, and custom period reports available at a click.
  • Filter any report by pipeline, country of origin, target domain, and more.
  • Generate and export impactful reports into CSV or PDF.

Debug and optimize with
real-time analytics

Gain insights into your usage with detailed analytics that
summarize data usage, request volume, and success rate
through highly-granular filters.

  • Real-time user dashboard.
  • Instant and accurate usage and quota statistics.
  • At-a-glance insights for top domains, countries, etc.

Sleep better with
granular budget controls

Optimize your spending by setting custom budget caps on any
pipeline, allowing for higher caps on mission-critical pipelines
and stricter caps on others.

  • Track spending by pipeline, domain, service, and more.
  • Get alerts at various thresholds.
  • Set custom budget caps by credit or GB on each pipeline.
Accessible via Dashboard and API

Nimble offers versatile access to management tools and reports
through both our User Dashboard and Admin API,
enabling you to access a range of data, reports, pipeline management, and more. 

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Analytics & Management FAQ

Answers to common questions regarding Nimble's management tools

Yes! Nimble Pipelines are our solution to disorganized data collection. Each pipeline contains it’s own settings, and all of our reports can be filtered by pipeline. Give each Pipeline a custom name, and every request sent to Nimble goes through a specified pipeline, helping you keep track of request types, volumes, and more in a way that makes sense for your business logic.

Nimble Pipelines help our users organize their usage on our platform. Every request sent to Nimble flows through a specific pipeline, and multiple pipelines can be created to help distinguish between business-specific use cases. Pipelines also contain settings that are inherited by their requests automatically to help with organization and reducing errors.

Pipelines can be created and managed in the Nimble User Dashboard, available at:

Yes. Every pricing plan includes a maximum number of pipelines that can be enlarged by upgrading to a bigger plan. For more details, see our pricing page:

Budget Caps help limit spending from exceeding your expectations. Budget Caps are set on the pipeline level by going to Pipelines → (your desired pipeline) → Settings → Advanced Settings → Budget spend limit.

We’re constantly updating and adding new features to the Analytics Hub, but presently we support:

  • Current Vs Past (including MoM and YoY)
  • Performance Comparison (up to four trend lines)
  • Custom Reports (Multiple filters and dimensions)

For more information on our reports, see our Dashboard documentation at:

Yes! The Nimble Analytics Hub includes a custom report with multiple filters and dimensions. To view the report, visit the Nimble User Dashboard and go to Analytics → Custom Report.

Yes! Current Vs Past reports and Custom Reports can both be exported to CSV.

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