Nimble AI
Optimization Engine

AI-powered Proxy curation for
every request

Nimble’s deep-learning AI engine saves time, money, and
headaches by matching every IP to your individual needs.

Higher perfomance
Rock-solid stability
Flawless reputation
Intelligently Managed

Get Unparalleled Performance with AI Proxy Optimization

Every proxy provider claims to have millions of IPs in their pool, but with IPs drawn at random, the likelihood of an IP fitting your unique needs is low.

Nimble’s AI optimization engine manages our deep pool of premium IPs to ensure availability across multiple metrics including:

High Availability
Long Session Lifespan
Fast Download Speed
Custom Profile
faster responses
less dropped sessions
Optimization engine as part of the proxy flow

Your Personalized Proxy

Every request sent to Nimble IP is processed through our optimization engine and matched to an IP that fits the user’s needs. Our AI engine uses profiles to intelligently group users according to IP-relevant attributes, including:

  • Default - High Availability
  • Fast - High Performance
  • Long session duration

Meet the Nimble Engine
Drives Proxy Success

Phase 1

IP Profiling

Every IP that we add to our pools goes through meticulous
testing to ensure it meets our quality standards and determine
it’s attributes.

  • Internet connection & hardware testing
  • Geo-validation for pinpointing location and consistency
  • IP Reputation examination
  • IP Protocol testing
Phase 2

Behavioral Analytics

IPs are tested against a range of websites to deepen
their profile and understand their real-world

  • Avg, min, and max ping and response times
  • Success rate tracking
  • Consecutive long-period session testing
Phase 3

User Profiling

The Nimble AI engine monitors each users usage
patterns to understand their needs and build a profile
of each user.

  • Session frequency and average length
  • Average request volume
  • Frequently accessed website types
Phase 4


As the user makes requests, the AI optimization
engines matches the request target and requesting
user profiles to an IP with a high degree of suitability.

magic_stars AI Magic at no added cost

At Nimble, we’ve felt first-hand the pain of working with proxies. To us, not
optimizing your proxy usage just doesn’t make sense, which is why we charge
no added fees and include IP Optimization across our product line.

Optimization Engine FAQ

Answers to common questions about our IP Optimization Engine

The Optimization Engine assigns IPs from our pool intelligently by accounting for your past usage, request parameters, and optimization setting to select an ideal IP for each request. This can improve performance and success rates significantly compared to the industry standard round-robin selection methods that assign an IP at random.

The Optimization Engine can improve performance across the board for every use case through it’s three optimization profiles:

  1. High Performance – this profile targets proxies with faster internet connections.
  2. Long Session Lifespan – this profile targets highly-stable IPs for sticky sessions.
  3. High Availability – this profile targets highly available IPs for those interested in returning to the same IPs over time.

Today, the industry standard approach to assigning proxies for a request is simply at random. Proxy providers boast about having dozens of millions of IPs – but with so many IPs available, what are the odds that you’ll be assigned an IP suitable for your purposes? Nimble’s AI Optimization Engine solves this dilemma by learning both our user’s usage patterns as well as the attributes of every IP in our pool.

The Optimization Engine comes included with our Nimble IP Residential Proxies, and operates silently and automatically in the background – although we’re confident you’ll feel the difference!

It’s free! The Optimization Engine comes built-in to Nimble IP across all of our pricing plans.

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