Nimble IP

Premium Proxy Services
that just work

Working with proxies is a hassle - Nimble proxy services make it effortless with premium proxies that deliver data smoothly and integrate seamlessly into your deployment.

Working with proxies is a hassle - Nimble proxy services make it effortless with premium proxies that deliver data smoothly and integrate seamlessly into your deployment.

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Dynamic infrastructure that adapts to any project size with minimal latency

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IP quality

Quality assured network
guarantees first-rate IPs

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Easy and inuitive

Market-leading tools made
simple for expert control

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State and city
level targeting

Granular targeting down to any geolocation in the world

The IP challenge - solved

More than another proxy provider

Start saving engineering time and computing costs with Nimble’s high performance & zero downtime infrastructure.


Modern Infrastructure,
Premium Quality

Access the data you need every time. Nimble IP hosts a premium pool of peers with the best reputation, fastest performance, and highest availability in the world to ensure requests always get through and are never rate limited.


Rotating Proxies
for Any Need

Use Residential, Datacenter, ISP, or any other class of IP on a single platform. Choose between sticky or rotating proxies.

Nimble's IP services help you maximize data access when trying to reach particularly hard destinations, cut costs when launching millions of requests, or combine the best of both.


Anyone Can Be
a Power User

Oversee your data collection projects with an easy-to-use dashboard that features usage statistics, budget control, real-time notification management, and more.

Easily create, modify, and delete pipelines without writing a single line of code.


Premium Product. Premium Support

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Monitoring Suite

Nimble's granular usage and statistics reports put you firmly in control of your pipelines and budgets.

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Tech Support
Dream Team

Always speak to someone who understands your pain - every member of our team is first and foremost an engineer.

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Our Specialists are
Your Specialists

Collaborate with Nimble's specialists to clear technological hurdles and build your ideal data gathering pipelines.

Nimble supports every use case

Accurately gather public web data

Get unlimited access to any public website, with infrastructure designed to collect your desired external data from anywhere across the globe.

E-commerce Intelligence

Implement dynamic pricing strategies, monitor market sentiment with review analysis pipelines, and stay abreast of changes in your competitor's pricing and inventory with the most up-to-date public web data available. Nimble IP empowers your data collection operations with high-performance, reputable proxies to ensure a smooth and consistent data flow.

SEO Insights

Take your SEO and SEM strategies to the next level with data-driven methodologies powered by real-time search engine data. Nimble's proxy services serve as the critical infrastructure enabling your pipelines to accurately track changes in your and your competitor's rankings, become aware of new keywords and popular search phrases, and more.

Brand Management

In an age of rampant brand abuse, copyright infringement, and social media impersonation, brands must contend with more threats than ever before. Nimble IP helps brands and brand protection agencies monitor the web for potential infringements, and ensures infringement detection bots will have smooth, uninterrupted access to any public website, whether it's a major marketplace like Amazon or an individual website on a platform such as Shopify.

Full-featured Infrastructure


Our proxy services were designed to work with your current deployment for easy and fast integration. Alongside our user-friendly dashboard, manage your operations through our array of one-click settings or via a flexible API.

  • Sample code and examples
  • Backconnect API documentation
  • Full API control
  • Real-time alerts and Webhooks
  • Debugging Platform


Try our detailed technical docs and explore Nimble’s Full API functionality.

Not Another Proxy Provider

Meet Nimble IP - the world's first IP Infrastructure. Instead of collecting millions of IPs and distributing them round-robin, we built a management platform that enriches IPs and serves only top-tier peers.

Security & Compliance at the Core

Nimble IP features built-in encryption and compliance, and we exclusively select our peers from high-quality sources and partners.

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AES encryption

API requests are encrypted with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.

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Compliance First

Our infrastructure and software are designed to be compliant from the ground up.

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