E-commerce API

Real-time E-commerce Scraper API

Collect E-commerce data from online marketplaces
with ease using Nimble’s end-to-end, fully-automated
E-commerce API
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Product Feature
Fully automated

Zero manual work - set your search
terms and we handle the rest

Product Feature
Any platform

Data collection from a wide range of
e-commerce platforms

Product Feature
AI data structuring

Novel NLP structuring algorithms for
adaptable, accurate data structuring

Product Feature
Flexible delivery

Get structured data delivered directly to
your S3/GCs buckets

Access every major
E-commerce marketplace

Nimble’s E-commerce supports a range of the
leading online marketplaces including:

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Real-time product data

Stop struggling with ever-changing web content. Nimble's E-commerce API
employs AI and NLP algorithms to read, understand, and organize web data,
enabling it to seamlessly structure dynamic online content.

Real-time product data extraction illustration
An image showing a mobile phone product page on Amazon json illustration

How the E-commerce API works 

1. Write a request

Set your data source, parsing settings,
and delivery method.

2. Send it to Nimble APIs

Nimble APIs receives the request and handles
everything else from collection to delivery.

3. Receive your data

Sit back and watch as structured
web data flows into your storage.

Bypass Barriers & Deliver Data Easily

Rotating & Sticky IPs with modern features

Real time data, zero
blocks from any website

Nimble’s E-commerce API uses multiple levels of
geolocation to precisely target specific locations.

  • Built-in modern residential proxy service.
  • Support for dozens of countries, states, and cities.
  • Target specific stores with zip code localization.
Integration illustratuion

Fast and easy

Nimble’s E-commerce API uses industry-standard
REST architecture for a familiar, easy, widely-
compatible interface.

  • Send API calls from any language/platform
  • Built-in AI-powered data structuring
  • Data delivered directly to your S3/GCS buckets

Deploy data-driven applications
with Nimble E-commerce API

Dynamic pricing icon

Dynamic pricing

Outcompete rivals and take advantage of unique opportunities with dynamic pricing algorithms powered by data from:

  • Respond swiftly to competitor pricing updates, events, or seasonality.
  • Offer competitive and timely deals to target audience segments.
  • Adjust prices in real-time based on demand.
Review Analysis icon

Review analysis

Collect product review data from around the web and use it to analyze sentiment and gain insight into:

  • New feature ideas
  • Unknown marketing opportunities
  • Unexpected product issues
Brand Protection icon

Brand protection

Automate your brand protection efforts by systematically scouring the major marketplaces for:

  • Unauthorized brand mentions
  • Counterfeit products
  • Copyrighted Logos, images, and symbols And more.

Powered by Nimble Browser

Seamless access icon
Seamless access

Always get to the data you need with zero hiccups or difficulties. Our E-commerce API is based on Nimble Browser – our novel data collection browser that overcomes anti-bot obstacles autonomously with AI-driven fingerprinting technology.

Seamless access illustration
Unlimited scalability icon
Unlimited scalability

Scale your data collection up or down with a click of a button. The E-commerce API automatically load balances requests to handle any workload flexibly with zero compromise on quality, accuracy, or performance.

Automated smart structuring

Forget about coding, managing, and updating custom parsers for every E-commerce website. Nimble’s E-commerce API uses AI and NLP to adaptively read, understand, and structure web data for cleanly structured JSON regardless of web page layouts.

Seamlessly collect public data
from any online marketplace.

Hear from our customers

“For our analysis, understanding the ebb and flow of trending products on Amazon is paramount. Nimble API’s effortless data extraction capabilities have provided us with an invaluable overview of market trends. It's become our go-to tool for monitoring product categories, daily deals, and user reviews.”

Arik Oganesian

“For our organization, up-to-date financial data is crucial. Nimble API's intuitive interface made it easy for us to integrate and pull data from multiple sources without the steep learning curve we faced with other tools. It’s streamlined our data gathering processes, allowing us to adjust strategies in real-time”

Guy Simhon

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Compliance by Design

Nimble is at the forefront of compliant and ethical web data collection.
Our approach is rooted in building compliant products by design, and using AI to ensure comprehensive Governance & Trust.

We have a firm commitment to gather only publicly accessible data and ensuring compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations. This principle is underpinned by a rigorous Know Your Customer process and a clear Acceptable Use Policy, reflecting our dedication to transparency and ethical data practices.

E-commerce API Pricing

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E-commerce API Pricing

Pay As You Go
No Commitment
No Commitment
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$3/CPM $3/CPM
600 600 Credits
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$2.4/CPM $2.1/CPM
3000 3000 Credits
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$1.7/CPM $1.4/CPM
Get an Offer
  • Premium SLA
  • Customer Package
Use credits with any Nimble product of your choice.
E-commerce API FAQ

Your Questions About E-commerce API Answered Here

Always get to the data you need with zero hiccups or difficulties. Our E-commerce API is based on Nimble Browser – our novel data collection browser that overcomes anti-bot obstacles autonomously with AI-driven fingerprinting technology. 

There are many use cases for Nimble’s E-commerce API, but a few common ones include dynamic pricing, competitor intelligence, and product reviews sentiment analysis.

Nimble’s E-commerce API makes it effortless to start collecting E-commerce data or augment your existing pipelines with our fully managed and automated API. 

Furthermore, the Nimble E-commerce API is unique because it harnesses Nimble Browser’s unique unlocking capabilities to ensure smooth access to any source at any scale. Additionally, our API comes built-in with premium proxies from our Nimble IP infrastructure, easily overcoming geo-restrictions. 

All data is collected directly and in real-time from the desired data source, ensuring updated and accurate data.

Yes, Nimble’s E-commerce API comes built-in with proxies natively integrated with Nimble IP.

Only successful requests are counted towards your account quota, so you never pay for unsuccessful requests!

Get in touch with our experts for a web data gathering solution made for your business