Nimble API

Collect Data From Any Website. Effortlessly.

Streamline and expand your data collection ops with
fully-automated, zero-maintenance web data pipelines

Streamline and expand your data collection ops with
fully-automated, zero-maintenance web data pipelines

Product Feature

Zero Maintenance

Cut costs and manual work with automated, serverless data pipelines

Product Feature

Unlimited Access

Get simplified, programmatic interfaces for any public web data source

Product Feature

Fast & Easy

Create and manage fully-automated
web data pipelines in minutes

Product Feature

Global Flexibility

Access web data from any country, in any language, on any device

Build Data Pipelines With a Click

Instantly gather data from any website

Leave behind crawling, scanning, scraping and parsing to focus on the data you need with serverless, fully-managed Nimble API


Accurate, Structured Web Data Pipelines

Build web data pipelines faster with Nimble API, our fully-managed end-to-end data collection solution that eliminates coding, hosting, or maintaining any data collection logic.

Gather raw or structured data accurately from any public web data source, and shorten the time from collection to analysis with easy-to-use APIs.


Unlimited Data, Zero Maintenance

Gather more data from more sources with no manual work using our fully-managed data collection platform.

Nimble API handles all the complexity of accessing websites, collecting data, and delivery so you can focus on working with data - not collecting it.

Nimble API also reliably delivers accurate data by using our unique Nimble Browser and Nimble IP technology.


Direct Delivery to Any Storage

Nimble delivers data straight to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud storage buckets so you can focus on using, not manaing, your data.

Simply enter your bucket details and grant your pipeline permissions, and Nimble will deliver your desired web data synchronously, asynchronously, and even in batches for maximum efficiency.


Novel data collection Technology

Product Feature

Intelligent Structuring
For Any Source

Advanced AI models automatically adapt to any website, and accurately organize data into structured formats

Product Feature

Accurate Data Point

Access key data points such as product prices, SERP positioning, and more accurately and easily

Product Feature

Streamlined Data

Spend less time parsing and more time generating insights with structured data delivered directly to your data warehouse

APIs for any source

Scale your data collection

Gather more data from more sources with less engineering time. Nimble API makes collecting and scaling from any source a breeze.


Enhance your SEO and SEM strategies and campaigns with real-time search engine data from Nimble’s SERP API. Get updated data on ranking and positioning for any number of search terms, and monitor changes to your and your competitor’s listings and rankings. Explore the web and discover new information through SERPs, and monitor your and your competitor’s SEM strategies for data-driven optimization.

E-commerce API

Outprice and outmanoeuvre your competitors with accurate E-commerce data from any public source on the web. Nimble API enables every E-commerce use case, including dynamic pricing algorithms using multiple sources for fast and reliable decision-making, review aggregation for consumer sentiment analysis, and much more.


Nimble's Web API was designed to access and structure the data of any website in the world. Whether you have a set of URLs you'd like to gather, or a website for which Nimble API does not yet have a dedicated API, the Web API provides an easy and reliable interface for gathering your desired data.

Swift Setup With

Versatile APIs

Nimble API is fully adherent to the industry-standard RESTful architecture for a familiar, easy, and quick integration process. Simply query the API endpoints with the necessary parameters and have fresh data delivered directly to your cloud storage repository.

  • Standard RESTful architecture
  • Sample code and examples
  • Thorough API documentation
  • Synchronous and asynchronous delivery
  • Batch request support

Try our detailed technical docs and explore Nimble’s Full API functionality.

No-Hassle Data Collection

Meet Nimble API - a unified data-gathering solution that streamlines any public web data directly to your data warehouse. Enjoy advanced features with no manual work or maintenance - just you and the data you need.

Security & Compliance at the Core

Nimble API meets the highest standards to help reduce cybersecurity burdens and keep your data-gathering project safe.

Product Feature

AES encryption

API requests are encrypted with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.

Product Feature

Compliance First

Our infrastructure and software are designed to be compliant from the ground up.

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