Only successful requests are counted towards your account quota, so you never pay for unsuccessful requests!

Yes, Nimble’s E-commerce API comes built-in with proxies natively integrated with Nimble IP.

Nimble’s E-commerce API makes it effortless to start collecting E-commerce data or augment your existing pipelines with our fully managed and automated API. 

Furthermore, the Nimble E-commerce API is unique because it harnesses Nimble Browser’s unique unlocking capabilities to ensure smooth access to any source at any scale. Additionally, our API comes built-in with premium proxies from our Nimble IP infrastructure, easily overcoming geo-restrictions. 

All data is collected directly and in real-time from the desired data source, ensuring updated and accurate data.

There are many use cases for Nimble’s E-commerce API, but a few common ones include dynamic pricing, competitor intelligence, and product reviews sentiment analysis.

Always get to the data you need with zero hiccups or difficulties. Our E-commerce API is based on Nimble Browser – our novel data collection browser that overcomes anti-bot obstacles autonomously with AI-driven fingerprinting technology.