Encountering the “feedback_required” error on Instagram can be a real mood-killer, especially when you’re trying to engage with your followers or browse your feed. This error typically pops up when Instagram’s system flags your account for potential spam or bot-like behavior, temporarily restricting your actions on the platform.

Let’s dive into the action!

Table of Contents

  1. Preventing the “feedback_required” Error on Instagram
  2. The Role of Proxies in Avoiding Instagram Errors
  3. Using Proxies vs. Not Using Proxies
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Preventing the “feedback_required” Error on Instagram

When using Instagram, especially when managing multiple accounts or employing automation, preventing the “feedback_required” error is crucial for uninterrupted activity. This error usually means Instagram has detected unusual activity from your account and thinks you might be a bot. Here’s how you can avoid it:

Mimic Human Behavior with Automation

If you are using different automation tools for some of the Instagram actions you take, consider following these tips:

  • Interaction Patterns: Your automation tools should imitate an average Instagram user’s behavior. For example, an actual user would not like hundreds of posts in a minute. Set your bot to perform likes, comments, and follows intermittently, with pauses that seem natural.
  • Adjust Automation Volume: Set realistic limits on the number of actions your bot performs. If a typical user likes 20-30 posts per day, configure your bot within this range to avoid triggering Instagram’s spam filters.
  • Timing: Be strategic about when your bot performs actions. If a user typically spends time on Instagram throughout the day rather than in a single hour, your bot should do the same.

Selective Interaction

Selective interaction is key in Instagram automation — it means teaching your bot to choose content wisely and vary its actions, just like a person would. Let’s explore how to make your bot interact naturally, focusing on smart content selection and diverse actions.

  • Content Selection: Bots should be selective about the content they interact with, just like a human user would be. Configure your bot to engage with posts that align with your account’s interests or niche, and avoid those with low engagement that could be perceived as spam.
  • Avoid Repetition: Ensure your bot’s actions are varied. Don’t use the same comments or only like posts. Instead, mix up the interactions to emulate human randomness.

Technical Strategies

There are a few technical strategies that you can take advantage of to reduce or avoid completely the “feedback_required” error on Instagram. Those strategies were tested by our team and are helping a lot, especially if you are managing multiple accounts.

  • User Agents and Devices: Use different user agents for each account. Instagram can track if multiple accounts are accessed from the same device or browser. By switching user agents, you reduce the risk of being flagged.
  • Use of Session Cookies: Incorporate session cookies into your bot’s operation. This makes the bot’s requests appear as though they’re coming from a legitimate session, thus reducing suspicion.
  • Diverse IP Addresses: Utilizing different IP addresses for different accounts is essential. This is where residential proxies come in handy, as they provide you with numerous IPs that resemble those of everyday users, reducing the likelihood of Instagram flagging your activity.

Regular Human Supervision

Regular checks on your Instagram accounts are crucial. Log in manually, browse through your feed, engage with posts, and review your recent activities. This hands-on approach helps you spot any potential red flags that could indicate your account is being mistaken for an automated bot.

If you do notice signs that your account has been flagged, it’s time to hit the brakes on automation. Reduce or pause your automated activities and start interacting manually. Like and comment on posts, follow new accounts, and engage in genuine conversations. This shift back to human-led activity can help reset Instagram’s view of your account.

Use Instagram’s API

Instagram’s API is a powerful tool for developers and marketers who want to integrate their applications with the platform. When you use Instagram’s API for automation, you’re working within a framework that’s approved by Instagram, which can reduce the risk of triggering security protocols that lead to errors like “feedback_required.”

Benefits of Using Instagram’s API

  • Reduced risk of flagging: Instagram’s API is designed to facilitate safe and acceptable automation. Traffic that flows through the API is monitored and managed, which means Instagram is more forgiving compared to unidentified bot traffic.
  • Access to official features: the API provides access to Instagram’s features in a way that mimics human interaction. This includes reading profiles, posting images, or even liking and commenting on posts.
  • Regular updates: Instagram’s API receives updates that reflect changes in the platform’s policies and features. Keeping your automation tools aligned with the latest API version ensures continued compliance.

Keep Up with Instagram’s Changes

To maintain a good standing on Instagram and avoid penalties, it’s essential to:

  • Regularly review Instagram’s policies: Instagram often updates its terms of service and community guidelines. Regularly reviewing these documents will help you understand what is acceptable on the platform and what could get your account flagged.
  • Follow industry news: changes in Instagram’s algorithm and policies are usually discussed in digital marketing and social media forums. Keeping an eye on these discussions can provide early warnings about changes that might affect your automation tools.
  • Test and adapt: when Instagram updates its algorithm, the effectiveness of your current automation strategies might change. Be prepared to test different approaches and adapt your strategy to align with the new rules.
  • Engage with the community: active participation in social media marketing communities can provide insights into how changes are affecting others and what tactics are being used to adapt.

Best Practices for Account Management

If you want to manage your account in a way that will reduce the number of errors you get in general and particularly the “feedback_required” error, we suggest you follow these best practices:

  • Warm-up new accounts: don’t start automation immediately with new accounts. Begin with manual interactions, then gradually introduce automation.
  • Avoid quick fixes: don’t be tempted to use quick fixes like cheap proxies or aggressive automation settings. These can lead to long-term issues.
  • Invest in quality proxies: residential proxies are ideal for managing multiple accounts. They assign an IP address that appears to be a typical home user, which is less likely to raise red flags compared to datacenter proxies.
  • Educate yourself on Instagram’s limits: knowing the rate limits for actions like follows, unfollows, likes, and comments can help you keep your automation within safe parameters.

Regularly Audit Your Approach

Instagram’s detection algorithms are constantly evolving, designed to maintain authentic interaction on the platform. This means the automation tools and settings that worked seamlessly last month may now be flagged, leading to reduced effectiveness or even penalties.

Tips for Your Regular Reviews

As we already explained, it’s crucial to periodically review your automation strategies to stay in line with Instagram’s latest algorithmic updates.

  • Stay updated with tool versions: automation tools frequently update to comply with Instagram’s changes. Always use the most recent versions.
  • Observe account activity: watch for changes in engagement or follower count, and take note of any alerts from Instagram. These could signal that your automation settings need adjustments.
  • Fine-tune automation settings: if your bot’s activities become less effective, modify the settings. For instance, if it’s liking or following too aggressively based on Instagram’s current standards, scale back to more conservative actions.
  • Learn from the community: engage with forums and social media marketing communities. If others are experiencing issues with certain tools, it’s likely you might too.

By following these detailed strategies, you can significantly reduce the chances of encountering the “feedback_required” error on Instagram. It’s about creating a balance between effective automation and maintaining the semblance of typical user behavior.

The Role of Proxies in Avoiding Instagram Errors

Proxies serve as intermediaries between your device and the internet. When you use a proxy, your internet connection is routed through a different IP address. This can be particularly useful on platforms like Instagram, where too much activity from a single IP address can trigger security measures like the “feedback_required” error.

Benefits of Using Proxies

Some of the benefits of using proxies to bypass and avoid the “feedback_required” error on Instagram include:

  • IP diversity: proxies allow you to use multiple IP addresses, which can make your activity on Instagram appear more human and less like a bot.
  • Location targeting: with proxies, you can choose IP addresses from specific locations, which is beneficial if you manage accounts that target different geographical areas.
  • Anonymity: proxies provide anonymity, which can protect your main IP address from being flagged by Instagram’s security algorithms.

Nimble’s Residential Proxies

Nimble’s residential proxies are designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution to the “feedback_required” error. They’re fast, secure, and offer a vast pool of IP addresses to ensure your Instagram activity remains uninterrupted and undetected.

Using Proxies vs. Not Using Proxies

To illustrate the difference proxies can make, here’s a comparison table:


Using Proxies

Not Using Proxies

IP Variety

Lots of different IPs

Just one IP

Hidden IP

Yes, it’s hidden

No, it’s visible

Where You Seem to Be

Many places

Just your real place

How Much You Can Do

More without trouble

Less, or you might get stopped


Costs a bit

Free, but riskier

Help When Needed

Yes, help on hand

No, you figure it out

Using proxies, especially Nimble’s residential proxies, can significantly reduce the risk of encountering the “feedback_required” error. They provide a buffer that can absorb a lot of the activity that would otherwise directly impact your IP address and potentially flag your account.


The “feedback_required” error on Instagram can disrupt your social media strategy, but it’s not unbeatable. By understanding the triggers and implementing smart practices like using proxies, you can minimize the risk of this error. Nimble’s proxy services offer a robust solution with their speed, reliability, and range of IP addresses. They allow you to navigate Instagram more safely, keeping your account active and your content flowing. With the added benefit of professional support and location targeting, proxies are an investment in your social media presence’s stability and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What does the “feedback_required” error mean on Instagram?

    A: This error usually means Instagram’s system has flagged your account for unusual activity that resembles automated behavior, like using a bot.

  2. Q: How can I fix the “feedback_required” error?

    A: To fix this error, try changing your network connection, clearing your app’s cache, or reinstalling Instagram. Also, reduce any rapid or repetitive activity that could be seen as bot-like.
  3. Q: Will I need to stop using Instagram automation tools if I get this error?

    A: Not necessarily. You should review your automation settings to ensure they comply with Instagram’s guidelines. If the error persists, consider reducing the use of these tools.

  4. Q: Can using proxies help prevent the “feedback_required” error?

    A: Yes, proxies can help by diversifying your IP address, making it harder for Instagram to detect and flag your activity as suspicious.

  5. Q: How long does the “feedback_required” error last on Instagram?

    A: The duration can vary. It might be a few minutes or several hours. If the suggested fixes don’t work, you may need to wait it out, as it’s typically a temporary block.