No, we never charge clients for failed requests.

Yes! The Web API uses Nimble IP residential proxies located around the world. For more information on how to geotarget API requests, see the Web API Documentation.

Very accurate. The Web API always collects fresh data without caching, uses premium residential proxies on every request, and harnesses Nimble Browser’s AI fingerprinting engine for highly-accurate browser fingerprinting.

Any public website! The Web API accepts URLs, so if it can be accessed through the public web, it can be collected with our Web API.

Additionally, we’ve built comprehensive compliance mechanisms into the Web API, ensuring you’ll never unintentionally breach GDPR or CCPA regulations.

The Web API returns data in real-time, and always collects fresh data without caching.

Having said that, the request time depends heavily on the load time of the target URL, as well as the execution time of user defined Page Interactions amongst other factors.

The Web API was designed for versatility, and can help with any kind of data including:

  • Flight and Travel
  • Finance and Alternative data
  • Real Estate
  • Social Media
  • and more.

Nimble’s Web API harnesses the capabilities of Nimble IP’s residential proxies and Nimble Browser’s unlocking technology to seamlessly access any public URL while maintaining highly accurate data.

From there, it uses Nimble Skills to parse HTML and extract key data points. Next, the parsed data and raw HTML are delivered in accordance with the type of request the user-initiated.

For more information, we recommend reading the Nimble Web API Documentation.

Nimble’s Web API is our end-to-end platform solution for web scraping any public data.

While other Nimble APIs – such as E-commerce, SERP, and Maps – have similar features, they are uniquely optimized for a specific set of websites (such as Amazon, Bing, and Google Maps).

Nimble’s Web API, on the other hand, is designed to accept any public URL. Additionally, the Web API includes advanced features such as Page Interactions and Parsing Templates designed to ease the process of working with a diverse array of websites that are not always available with other APIs.