Nimble APIs

Search engines vary in the features they offer, and frequently modify and add new widgets, but Nimble’s SERP API supports:

  • Organic results
  • Paid advertisements
  • Inline Videos
  • Knowledge Graph and other data widgets
  • Pagination
  • Related searches
  • Search Information

Yes. Nimble’s SERP API always collects fresh, real-time data on every request.

Yes! Nimble’s SERP API uses the industry-standard REST format, making is highly compatible with a majority of programming languages and platforms.

No! With Nimble APIs, only successful requests are billed.

Although there are many factors that can influence the speed of a particular request, response times are broadly between 2.0-3.5 seconds. 

Nimble’s SERP API is often used for:

  • Crafting data-driven SEO strategies
  • Optimizing and monitoring SEM campaigns
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Automating search engines

And more.

A SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the page returned by a search engine containing listings relevant to a particular query. Nimble’s SERP API is an end-to-end solution for collecting these pages from a variety of search engines in real-time.

If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or through our contact page.

Completion notifications are sent a total of three times in case the callback URL is unavailable (an initial attempt, and two retries). Retries are attempted at 100ms intervals.

Even if there is no pre-existing Template for a website type from which you’d like to load data, you can always use our general-purpose WebAPI to load data from any public web address. Furthermore, you can create your own APIs on top of the WebAPI for a more streamlined long-term workflow.

Nimble APIs are fully-compliant with the Terms Of Service of public websites as well as with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework and GDPR.

Yes, please reach out to us at [email protected] or through our contact page.

When using Nimble APIs, customers pay only for successful requests. Our prices and rates are determined according to the type of plan you select, and more information on our plans, prices, rates, and feature sets are available on the plans and pricing page.