Maps API

No! Only successful requests count towards your quota.

Yes! The Maps API is fully documented as part of our Nimble Docs here. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive technical support and personalised onboarding according to your pricing plan.

The Maps API can provide many kinds of business data, including:

  • Business names and locations
  • Contact information
  • Amenities
  • Upcoming events
  • Offerings

and more!

Yes. Because the Maps API uses residential proxies from Nimble IP, geotargeting by country is supported.

Yes! Every request to the Maps API returns fresh data directly from public maps engines.

Nimble’s Maps API collects public data in real-time from sources such as Google Maps. Under the hood, the Maps API harnesses the unlocking and scalability of Nimble browser in conjunction with modern residential proxies from Nimble IP to ensure smooth maps data collection in real time.