IP Optimization Engine

It’s free! The Optimization Engine comes built-in to Nimble IP across all of our pricing plans.

The Optimization Engine comes included with our Nimble IP Residential Proxies, and operates silently and automatically in the background – although we’re confident you’ll feel the difference!

Today, the industry standard approach to assigning proxies for a request is simply at random. Proxy providers boast about having dozens of millions of IPs – but with so many IPs available, what are the odds that you’ll be assigned an IP suitable for your purposes? Nimble’s AI Optimization Engine solves this dilemma by learning both our user’s usage patterns as well as the attributes of every IP in our pool.

The Optimization Engine can improve performance across the board for every use case through it’s three optimization profiles:

  1. High Performance – this profile targets proxies with faster internet connections.
  2. Long Session Lifespan – this profile targets highly-stable IPs for sticky sessions.
  3. High Availability – this profile targets highly available IPs for those interested in returning to the same IPs over time.

The Optimization Engine assigns IPs from our pool intelligently by accounting for your past usage, request parameters, and optimization setting to select an ideal IP for each request. This can improve performance and success rates significantly compared to the industry standard round-robin selection methods that assign an IP at random.