Commercial FAQ

Yes. Pay-as-you-go plans start at $8/GB, and allow you to pay for usage in custom amounts with no commitment.

If you’re interested in signing up, please reach out to the Nimble Sales team via our contact page.

Online registration for pay-as-you-go plans is coming soon!

Yes! Nimble provides 24/7 support through the Zendesk app.

Nimble support is available via live chat in our User Dashboard, Zendesk, E-mail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord.

Nimble offers both standard and enhanced SLA options that offer increased support availability. Enterprise customers can receive a tailored SLA to meet their unique organizational needs.

While we don’t currently offer an unlimited plan, all of our plans have an auto-recharge option. Auto-recharge triggers a new billing cycle when your credits run out, and ensures your account will run continuously without billing-related limitations.

To make any changes to your Nimble subscription plan, please contact your account executive and they will make the needed adjustments for you

Following every completed payment, an invoice will be sent to you automatically by email.

In case you are missing any of your invoices, please contact your account executive, and they will be sure to send you a copy.

To change your plan, please contact your account executive via the shared Slack channel or through our contact form.

Auto-recharge ensures your account is always running with no budget-related interruptions. Using auto-recharge, when your account credits are fully exhausted, you’ll automatically be charged your plan’s renewal amount, a new billing cycle will begin, and your next payment date will be updated to the end of the new billing cycle.

To start using Nimble’s products, you first need to open an account (reach out to our sales to open one). Once you have an account, check out our Getting Started Guide for an easy walkthrough of the basic steps of using our proxies.

Nimble offers free limited trials for customers who wish to verify that our APIs and proxies integrate correctly with their systems. To start a trial, contact our sales team and they will help you get started.

Credits represent the budget available in an account for purchasing Nimble products and services.

Each product or service has its own credit rate based on usage (for example, 5 credits per GB of transferred data). When a service or product is used, credits will be taken off your balance according to the usage and rate.

Account credits can be used for any of Nimble’s offered services, and provide the flexibility to try new services without commitment.

Using Nimble’s products requires a subscription.

Once you purchase a subscription the first billing cycle begins, and future payments are scheduled on the respective date for each of the following months. For example, if a subscription was purchased on January 10th, the next payment is scheduled for February 10th, and so on.

Accounts that use auto-recharge will automatically have their plan renewed if their budget was exhausted prior to their plan’s next scheduled payment. In this case, the next scheduled payment date is updated to the date the plan was renewed.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. For other payment methods, please contact your account executive.

Credit rollover is available with our Advanced and Enterprise plans.