Account Settings and Security

Yes! Detailed statistics are available through the User Dashboard. Statistics can also be accessed programmatically through our Admin API.

Both our User Dashboard and Admin API allow users to view account information, create and manage pipelines, access usage statistics, and more! 

You can generate a new Admin API password by sending a PUT request to:


For example:

curl -X PUT “<UserName>/password” -H “accept: application/json” -H “Authorization: bearer <token>”

New pipelines can be created through the User Dashboard, or by using the /account/pipelines endpoint of our Admin API. When creating a new pipeline, you can set the name, proxy type, and geotargeting settings of the pipeline (these can always be changed later!). 

For a full walkthrough, see our Admin API Documentation.

Pipelines are Nimble’s solution for a more streamlined approach to managing business use cases. With pipelines, you can configure default session settings such as target country and IP rotation once, and all requests made through a particular pipeline automatically inherit those parameters. You can always override the default settings by adding the settings parameters to your request.

Pipeline Advantages:

  1. Set your country and IP rotation once.
  2. Monitor performance and statistics per pipeline.
  3. Optimized IP selection according to the pipeline’s session profile and targeted sites.
  4. Set budget caps per pipeline.
  5. Coming soon: permission control per pipeline.

Nimble’s Backconnect Gateway is accessible at:

Proxy IP Port

The welcome email sent when your account was opened included credentials to access the Backconnect Gateway.

Here is an example of accessing the gateway with username and password authentication:


curl -x https://account-accountName-pipeline-pipelineName:[email protected]:7000

accountName: Your company gateway name.


pipelineName: The pipeline you wish to use (every new account comes with a quick-start pipeline named “residential”).


pipelinePassword: the password for the selected pipeline.


You can view your pipeline, create new pipelines, and set their passwords by using the Admin API. See our Admin API Documentation for a full walkthrough.

Nimble measures bandwidth usage in two ways:

  1. Total bandwidth per pipeline
  2. Daily bandwidth

You can view your total bandwidth usage, usage per pipeline, and view daily reports via your User Dashboard, or using the Admin API.

To see your total bandwidth usage per pipeline, send a GET request to the Admin API at this endpoint:

You will receive a list of pipelines, each of which has a property titled “spent_gb” which represents that pipeline’s total bandwidth usage.


To get a daily usage report, send a GET request to:<startDate>&toDate=<EndDate>


You can also see this report on a pipeline level using:<pipelineName>/reports/daily-usage?fromDate=<startDate>&toDate=<EndDate>

To view your account’s remaining credits, send a GET request to

In the resulting list, your remaining credits will be available under “remaining_budget_usd”.

To open an account, please send us an email at [email protected]

All of our reports are set to UTC.

While we don’t currently offer an unlimited plan, all of our plans have an auto-recharge option that triggers a new billing cycle if your quota runs out, and ensures your account will run continuously without billing-related limitations.

Optional: If your use case entails special data requirements, contact your account manager / sales at [email protected]

The Backconnect Gateway is a server that manages your proxy requests. It’s accessed through a single address that automatically rotates proxy IPs for you, freeing you from managing proxy lists.

The Backconnect Gateway matches your request with the best IP available and rotates IPs in keeping with your needs.

We currently support HTTP ports 80 and 443, and we’re working on adding SOCKS5 support.