Rotating Proxies

Advanced Rotating Proxies

Effortlessly bypass online restrictions with our AI-enhanced rotating proxies, designed for optimal performance.
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Product Feature
Insane Performance

Lightning-fast responses with an average of 0.25s response time.

Product Feature
AI Optimization

Smart and personalized IP rotation for every request.

Product Feature
Global geotargeting

Precise location targeting down to the country, state, or city.

Product Feature
Auto-scaling Infrastructure

Proxies rotate on-demand, providing fresh IPs for every use case.

Rapid Rotation,
Global Reach

Swift and seamless IP rotation for each connection. Our rotating proxies provide blazing-fast 0.25s response times, enabling you to navigate the web with speed and precision. Stay ahead with a service that adapts instantly, anywhere in the world.

Fast Rotation Response
Uptime Guarantee
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Unlimited Proxy Pool from Any Geolocation

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Korean Republic
Korean Republic

Optimized For Your Needs by AI


Tailored Rotating Proxies for Every Need

High Performance

1. Rapid Rotation

Instant IP switch with each request for peak performance.

Long Sessions

2. Adaptive Sessions

Rotating proxies that adjust to your session duration needs.

3.  Endless IPs

A vast pool of IPs ensuring a unique connection every time.

Why Data Teams Choose
Nimble’s Rotating Proxies

Flexible & Robust Proxies for Data Teams

Elevate your data operations with our advanced rotating proxies. Designed for agility and precision, our proxies ensure you have continuous access to the freshest IPs.

  • Global IP Rotation: Instantly switch IPs for worldwide coverage.
  • Session Control: Maintain connections as needed with adjustable session lengths.
  • Advanced IP Options: Access a diverse range of IPs, including IPv6, for any task.
Nimble's web data and proxies dashboard

Smart Budgeting with Proxy Analytics

Manage costs with precision using our analytics dashboard tailored for our rotating and residential proxies. Stay informed and on budget effortlessly.

  • Real-time Reports: See proxy usage stats instantly.
  • Project Management: Simplify task tracking.
  • Spending Caps: Keep your finances under control.
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Full-featured API for
Effortless Integration & Control

Nimble’s Rotating proxies integrate seamlessly
with any project using a simple API for instant
access to our network.

  • Full-featured management Dashboard & API
  • Streamlined BackConnect Gateway
  • Detailed, step-by-step Documentation
  • Compatible with 3rd party software

Flexible Rotating Proxy Pricing

Monthly Annually10% discount 10% discount

Flexible Rotating Proxy Pricing

old Pay As you Go
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$8GB $8GB
600 600 Credits
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$7.5/GB $6.5/GB
3000 3000 Credits
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$6.1/GB $5.3/GB
Get an Offer
  • Premium SLA
  • Customer Package
Use credits with any Nimble product of your choice.

Meet Nimble's Advanced Rotating Proxy Infrastructure

Scalable Rotating Proxies

Our network scales dynamically, leveraging cloud tech and automation for uninterrupted high-availability projects.

Comprehensive Compliance

Adhering to strict standards, our proxies ensure secure and compliant web navigation.

Private and Secure

Enhanced privacy and protection are at the core of our proxy services, safeguarding your data and identity.

Curious about smart modern proxies?

Hear from our customers

“Given the demands of our projects, we were cautious about moving to a new proxy service. Nimble Scraping Infrastructure has been a dependable choice, providing low-latency proxies that keep our data collection on schedule. It's a solid, professional service we can count on."

Sapir Hadad

CEO & Co-founder
“With Nimble Scraping Infrastructure, we've observed a noticeable uptick in the consistency of our web scraping efforts. The quality of their proxies has had a real impact -it's a definite step up from previous solutions we've tried.”

Alex Cooper

Director of growth
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Compliance by Design

Nimble is at the forefront of compliant and ethical web data collection.
Our approach is rooted in building compliant products by design, and using AI to ensure comprehensive Governance & Trust.

We have a firm commitment to gather only publicly accessible data and ensuring compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations. This principle is underpinned by a rigorous Know Your Customer process and a clear Acceptable Use Policy, reflecting our dedication to transparency and ethical data practices.


Amplify Your Business with Nimble's Rotating Proxies

Travel & Research

  • Anonymously track and compare global travel prices.
  • Discover trending destinations by accessing location-restricted data.
  • Adjust your offerings based on real-time travel industry trends.

Market Research & SEO

  • Conduct competitor analysis and SEO research without detection.
  • Get real-time updates on ad campaigns and keyword rankings from multiple regions.
  • Refine your SEO strategies with insights from diverse marketplaces.


  • Stay ahead with dynamic pricing strategies by anonymously monitoring competitors.
  • Refine your product range by safely gathering market data.
  • Enhance your catalog based on anonymous customer review analysis.
Rotating Proxies FAQ

Answers to frequently asked Rotating proxies questions


When you use Nimble proxies, the target website only receives the request headers you choose to send. Your proxy credentials are for accessing the proxy gateway itself, and are never forwarded.

Nimble proxies auto-rotate IPs by default. Every request you make will be sent through a different exit node, in accordance with your pipeline settings.

If you’d like to maintain an IP for long periods of time, you can start a sticky session.

For a detailed walkthrough and examples, see our Backconnect Gateway Documentation.

Once you start a sticky session, Nimble will keep the connection open for as long as you need (subject to peer availability). Sticky sessions are closed only after 10 minutes of inactivity.

If you’d like a new IP, simple start a new session.

Nimble’s infrastructure is designed to handle any number of threads, so there’s no limit on the number of sessions running at the same time.


A country is selected randomly for proxy requests that do not include a target country.

If your requests are not receiving a random country, make sure that:

1. Your pipeline settings do not include a target country, and are set to ALL.

2. You are not sending a country parameter in your request.

To get a sticky IP, add “-session-<random_string>” to the username segment of the authentication string.

For example:



If you’re using a whitelist instead of username/password authentication, you can start a session by choosing a port between 9000 and 10000. Once you’re finished working with the session, you can simply change ports to start a new one.

You can find the list of supported countries here.

When using US-based proxies, you can also select IPs from a particular state using these state codes.

If the country you need is not available, please let us know and we’ll work on adding it to the list.

The Backconnect Gateway is a server that manages your proxy requests. It’s accessed through a single address that automatically rotates proxy IPs for you, freeing you from managing proxy lists.

The Backconnect Gateway matches your request with the best IP available and rotates IPs in keeping with your needs.

To start using Nimble IP, you first need to open an account and buy a residential proxy package (reach out to our sales to open one).

Once you have an account, check out our quick start guide for an easy walkthrough of the basic steps of using Nimble IP.

We currently support HTTP ports 80 and 443, and we’re working on adding SOCKS5 support.

Get in touch with our experts for a web data gathering solution made for your business