Nimble’s E-commerce API

eBay Scraper

Get everything you need from eBay in one
go—product info, pricing, and reviews. No
fuss, just real-time, actionable data.

Higher perfomance

Nimble AI optimizes for
speed-sensitive applications
with high-performance IPs

Rock-solid stability

get IPs with exceptional stability
to support long-running tasks

Flawless reputation

hard-to-access URLs automatically get IPs with proven track records.

Intelligently Managed

Nimble AI manages millions of IPs to ensure availability and performance.

Boost Your eBay Game With Nimble Scraper's Technology

Boost Your eBay Game With Nimble Scraper's Technology

Get Structured Data Delivered to
your Storage

Scrape Product Data in Real-Time

Stump any data challenge with priority access to Nimble’s R&D Treasure labs and our
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AI-Powered Parsing
for Perfect Accuracy

Scale to any size with
Robust Batch Processing

Full-featured API for
Effortless Integration & Control

Nimble’s eBay Scraper integrate seamlessly with any project using a simple API for instant access to our network..

  • Full-featured management Dashboard & API
  • Streamlined BackConnect Gateway
  • Detailed, step-by-step Documentation
  • Compatible with 3rd party software

eBay Scraper Pricing

Monthly Annually15% off 15% discount
old Pay As you Go
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$3/CPM $3/CPM
600 600 Credits
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$2.4/CPM $2.1/CPM
3000 3000 Credits
Residential &
Unlocker Proxy
$1.7/CPM $1.4/CPM
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  • Premium SLA
  • Customer Package
You can use the credit on any Nimble product

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VIP Support For Professional and Enterprise Plans

Our support engineers always go the extra mile to help customers reach their goals.

Monitoring Suite For Professional and Enterprise Plans

Easily track, manage, and analyze your activity across our platform.

Nimble Labs Experts For Professional and Enterprise Plans

Stump any data challenge with priority access to our web data rockstars.

Built-In Compliance For Professional and Enterprise Plans

Rest easy knowing our platform protects you in accordance with GDPR/CCPA.

Flexible Plans For Professional and Enterprise Plans

We have the multiple plans to help any business step up their web data collection.

Pay for Successful Requests For Professional and Enterprise Plans

Pay only for the data you actually receive - all failed requests are on us.

Free Trial

eBay Scraper API FAQ

Everything you need to know about Nimble's eBay Scraper API

No, there is no bandwidth limit, and Nimble’s auto-scaling infrastructure will adjust automatically to handle any workload.

Absolutely! We offer a 7-day free trial so you can test our APIs before signing on to a flexible plan.

Nimble APIs have a high success rate of over 98%, ensuring you get the most accurate and complete data at all times.

Our support team is available for you. You can reach out via email, live chat, or our support ticket system.

Our teams are always available to assist with any issue, and Enterprise accounts receive direct access to a personal technical account manager.

Simply sign up, choose your plan, and you’ll be guided through a user-friendly registration process. Once your account is set up, visit our documentation for quick start guides and detailed walkthroughs that will get you started in no time.

Our APIs are fully SaaS, and not reliant on any particular language or platform. Use any programming language or application of your choice!

Nimble APIs makes it easy to collect a wide range of data from eBay including product details, images, shipping information, search results, reviews, and seller information.

Nimble’s premium residential proxies and AI browser are designed for speed at scale, with response times of around 0.25 seconds per request. The full request time depends heavily on the website and the page being requested.

Get in touch with our experts for a web data gathering solution made for your business