San Francisco, CA – InvestInData, an influential angel syndicate comprised of more than 40 data executives from preeminent companies including Shopify, Discord, Faire, DoorDash, and the New York Times, has proudly announced its strategic investment in Nimble, a groundbreaking data extraction platform.

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in mentoring budding data-centric companies, InvestInData leverages its team’s deep experience leading data organizations to spot high-potential technologies that address their daily obstacles.

Nimble, with its industry-redefining technology and comprehensive data-gathering solution, is the latest beneficiary of this concentrated support.

Nimble’s platform is a game-changer, radically altering how businesses tap into and exploit data from the open web.

Chen Peng, InvestInData Investor and Head of Data at Faire comments, “In the era of data and AI, technology like Nimble’s is changing way companies consume data. The Nimble Browser’s artificial intelligence technology allows a radically new approach to how data teams collect data from the open web.”

InvestInData’s commitment to driving the data industry’s evolution strikingly resonates with Nimble’s own mission.

Shwetank Kumar, Chief Data Officer at Achieve commented, “Nimble makes the process of gathering data at scale for everything from competitive analysis to generative AI efficient and effortless. They have built an incredibly effective product – one of the highest ROI investment you will make.”

This strategic endorsement by InvestInData underscores its unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation in the data domain.

Simultaneously, Nimble’s ambition to become the premier data collection platform for AI perfectly syncs with InvestInData’s objective.

InvestInData’s support of Nimble reinforces its selective investment approach, which zeroes in on outstanding, industry-leading companies. This strategy highlights Nimble’s enormous potential and its key role in shaping the future of the data industry.

About InvestInData

InvestInData is a prominent angel syndicate boasting over 40 data leaders from companies such as Shopify, Discord, Faire, DoorDash, and the New York Times. InvestInData’s focus is on fueling and advising early-stage startups committed to pushing the envelope in data innovation.

About Nimble

Nimble is an innovative data platform that converts public websites into ready-to-use datasets, equipping businesses to utilize public web content, and thereby opening doors to unparalleled business opportunities.