We’re thrilled to announce a major milestone in our journey - the launch of Nimble Dashboard 2.0! This update introduces a variety of improvements across the board designed to help our users better monitor and manage their usage on our platform. From multi-product reporting to temporal performance comparisons, the Nimble Dashboard 2.0 reaffirms Nimble’s commitment to empowering our users with an effortless experience.

The new Nimble Dashboard 2.0 has received a significant upgrade with a focus on accommodating all Nimble products: Nimble API, Nimble Browser, and Nimble IP, as well as cleaner aesthetics and an upgraded, user-friendly navigation.

Multi-Product Reporting

The Nimble Dashboard 2.0 makes it easy for customers who use multiple Nimble products to understand and compare their usage of each individual product. The dashboard homepage features isolated summary overviews for Nimble API, IP, and Browser, as well as overviews that compare usage between these products.

Furthermore, throughout the Dashboard’s many widgets and analytics reports, filtering for a particular product or comparing Nimble products head-to-head is now possible.

Upgraded Budget Limits

Budget limits can now be set easily for each pipeline through it’s Advanced Settings page, making pipeline budget caps more granular and accessible.

Place higher spending limits on mission-critical pipelines to avoid service interruption while protecting your budget by limiting others to an amount that makes sense for your business.

Enhanced Analysis and Monitoring

The new Dashboard’s Current vs Past Analytics page makes it easy to get detailed drilldowns into your usage. Easily compare your monthly data transfer on any product to how much data you transferred the previous month, or the same month the previous year.

Compare the number of requests you sent over a custom period to the previous period, and drill down into a particular pipeline to focus in on a particular business use case.

The Current vs Past reports are filterable for any product, pipeline, country, and/or domain in your account, allowing for unbridled flexibility.

Improved Comparison and Analytics Tools

The Nimble Dashboard 2.0 also debuts the new Performance Comparison Analytics page. Set any period of time, and graph up to four distinct usage channels, where each channel represents a product, pipeline, country of origin, and target domain. This allows:

  • Comparing pipelines to view how much data was transferred in different business uses
  • Comparing domains to see how many requests were sent to various domains
  • Comparing products to contrast the success rates for particular domains/countries/pipelines

More to Come: The Road Ahead

While we’re excited about the launch of Nimble Dashboard 2.0, we recognize that there is always room for growth and improvement. We’re already working on several enhancements, which we’ll soon be rolling out:

  • Custom Reporting: For those desiring a more personalized insight into their account performance, we’re introducing the ability to create custom reports, providing a more comprehensive analysis for your needs.
  • Enhanced Dashboard Filtering: We’re upgrading our dashboard filtering system to support multi-select options, making it easier to view the specific data you’re interested in.
  • Drill-Down Views: Our future updates will enable you to drill down into each product’s usage statistics, providing a granular look at your data.
  • Improved Invoicing Display: We’re streamlining our invoicing display to provide a clearer, more convenient view of your billing details.